Periodic checks on lifting equipment
Non destructive testing for periodic assessment of structural conditions of lifting equipment

In Italy, the Machinery Directive 2006/42 EC and the Legislative Decree 81/08 require owners of lifting equipment periodic monitoring after 10 years from the purchase of the vehicle. Required non-destructive testing are:

  • Visual inspections of welds
  • Non-destructive testing of welds (liquid penetrant or magnetic particle)
  • Ultrasonic testing on pivots

Periodic review of those parties, in addition to be required by law, is of particular importance as it can detect any problem that may affect the machine’s safety. Based on the results obtained, a report is compiled by a qualified engineer, assessing the residual life of the appliance.

List of lifting equipment subject to verification:

  • Bridge cranes
  • Tower crane
  • Gantry crane
  • Mobile crane
  • Air platforms
  • Self-propelled tracks telescopic boom
  • Winches