Corrosion testing with UTS method

The ultrasonic method can also be used for verification of the residual thickness of the public lighting poles. Using a device called thickness gauge and a longitudinal waves probe, the ultrasonic pulse is propagated in the affected area. A display shows the thickness detected by the device.


This method provides unequivocal values about the pole’s status from the interlocking base to the top.


The underground part of the pole, which is also subject to corrosion, can be analyzed only for about 10-20 cm deep. Thickness examination on the interlocking base of the pole may require for the plinth and the protective sheath to be preliminarily removed; if requested, this service may be provided directly by the Centrotest srl.

Available equipment:

  • NR 2 SADT SA 40

After the check a certification of all checks carried out will be produced, with the detail of the determined values. Centrotest certification spares the managing entity from any liability resulting from damages arising from corrosion of the supports.