Heat treatments

Heat treatment of steels, particularly post weld ones, gained a lot of interest from engineering companies in the last few years, because of their effectiveness and of the added value they give to artifacts in terms of quality and reliability.

The execution mode of the heat treatments are mainly two:

In furnaceHeat treatments in furnace

LocalizedLocalized heat treatments

This differentiation depends on the extent of the part of the article that it is asked to treat: if the whole or only a limited area (usually a weld). Obviously, the execution mode is also influenced by the conditions of the workpiece, for example in the case where the part to be treated is not transportable or removable.

According to the types of steel and the features the customer wants to achieve, heat treatments can reach temperatures of 1200° C.

In addition to traditional post weld heat treatments, Centrotest Srl also performs:

  • Solution heat treatments
  • Normalization heat treatments
  • “Ferritizzazione” heat treatments
  • Thermal reclamation treatments
  • Annealing heat treatments
  • Thermal treatments in controlled atmosphere
  • Thermal aging treatments
  • Heat treatments on cast parts (cast iron, aluminum, etc.)

The temperature monitoring is executed from a control room, with the aid of equipment monitored by personnel with level III, who check the temperature with thermocouples calibrated according with the specifications in force.

At the end of each process a certification of the heat treatment carried out will be drawn, with an attached diagram of the measurements obtained by the controllers and recording.