Ultrasonic testing of railway axles Technique Used for the detection of inside cracks in railway axles

For over 10 years our company has also been active in the field of railway maintenance. The mechanical components of rolling stock vehicles require a periodic and thorough analysis to prevent any critical elements.

The railway axles, in particular, for the function they have and the stress to which they are subjected, can easily be compromised by inside cracks, which undermine their reliability and safety. In this regard, during the past few years, a wide range of innovative technologies for non-destructive testing of these parts has born:

  • Ultrasonic testing with borosonda technique
  • Ultrasonic testing with phased array technique

These checks are carried out by us with qualified personnel holding certificate III level UIC 960.
Pour le secteur ferroviaire, contrôles par ultrasons ou par rayons X (numériques ou traditionnels) sur les joints de voie.
À cette fin, notre société a des échantillons d’échantillons avec des défauts connus pour l’étalonnage de l’équipement, ou pour des besoins de démonstration.