Magnetic method Technique used to localize reinforcing bars

Magnetic check is a non-destructive method that allows location of reinforcement bars within concrete pillars through a device called pacometer. This technique is used in the following cases:

Destructive tests: the pacometer check, allowing to detect the presence of bars, facilitates the extraction of samples, as it prevents the extraction itself from affecting the most critical parts of the element, thus avoiding that it lose its characteristics.

Ultrasonic and sclerometric tests: the pacometer check also prepares the surface for ultrasonic and sclerometric tests, which would be “disturbed” by the presence of the bars.

Bars measurement: often steel bars are inserted incorrectly, or their diameter is different from the one provided by the project. The pacometer check is able to detect such deviations.

Available equipment:


Main reference standards:

  • BS 1881-204, DIN 1045