Digital Radiography (CR)

Alternatively to traditional radiographic control, analogously to what happened in the medical field or in the non-destructive ultrasound controls, the use of new digital technology is increasingly being affirmed with the use of magnetic supports rather than films for exposure. The magnetic media is then scanned and the X-ray stored on a computer.

The digital radiographic method proposed by Centrotest (CR – Computed Radiography) uses DURR NDT technology and is particularly suitable for the aerospace, automotive and plant engineering sectors.


  • Minor exposure and development duration
  • Archiving of radiographs directly on magnetic media
  • Ability to share and duplicate the films performed
  • Greater ease of detection and measurement of defects
  • Less environmental invasiveness in terms due to the elimination of chemical baths for film development

Equipment used:

  • Nr 1 Digital Scanner DURR NDT CR 35

Reference standards:

  • UNI EN 17636-2: 2013
  • ASME Section V Art 1 and 2
  • ASTM E2033
  • ASTM E 2445
  • ASTM E 2007