How to Invoice as a Freelancer: 2023 Guide

how to send an invoice as a freelancer

There may be adjustments that need to be made for tax reasons, or if you are offering some kind of discount. Again, set these out clearly so that your client can follow how these have affected the previously stated subtotal. Your subtotal is the sum of all the amounts listed in your breakdown of services. For non-designers, finding an invoice template online and customizing it is a much better choice than starting with a blank page. All you need to do is adjust the fonts, add your branding, and you’re good to go. There are lots of tools to choose from, and we’ve outlined some of our favorites, including HelloBonsai, Harvest, Freshbooks and ZoHo, in this post on invoice generator options.

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These are based on the type of service you provide and the charging pattern you follow. With new clients, especially ones that haven’t been referred by someone you know, you might want to consider getting payment upfront, especially for higher-priced goods or services. Many freelancers ask for a 50% deposit, which is an effective way of weeding out which clients are serious and which ones are likely to cause payment problems later. When you’re running your own business, getting paid on time is critical. Clients who pay late can harm your cash flow, and chasing them down takes your focus away from your work.

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This can be an issue for some businesses since cash flow can be tight, so having alternative payment methods available is key. Your work is complete, your client’s happy, now you can just sit back and relax — right? And that’s not to mention how much easier your life will be come tax season if you’ve already documented and itemized your income in the form of invoices. While you can create an invoice on your own or use a free Google Docs invoice template, it’s often easier to use an invoice generator. These systems typically include other features as well that are useful to freelancers, such as time-tracking. Many freelancers offer discounts for early payments and include penalties for late payments.

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You cater to your clients’ preferences and make it easier for them to process payments. This not only enhances your client relationships but also contributes to a smoother cash flow for your freelance business. Double-checking contract details before sending out an invoice for freelance work is crucial to alleviate payment delays or disputes. Make sure that the services provided and the payment terms specified in your invoice are in line with the details of your contract.

How to invoice as a freelancer: a simple guide and a free invoice template

how to send an invoice as a freelancer

It is essential to review your invoices for errors before sending them to maintain a professional image and prevent any discrepancies that may delay payment. Double-checking all the information, including the billing amounts, client details, and services listed, can help ensure accurate invoicing and reduce the risk of disputes. Embracing electronic invoicing systems can significantly enhance your productivity and save time by automating the invoicing process. These systems not only provide a secure and efficient means of managing invoices and payments but also offer greater accuracy and accelerated payment processing. Clearly outlining payment terms and options in your invoice is vital to facilitate prompt payment. Sending out invoices is how you get paid for your freelance work.

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When it comes to invoicing, you only have to get it right once, and the rest will fall in place. Once you list all your line items in the section detailing your freelance work, you’ll add up all the subtotals to generate the total cost for your invoice. This may be a good option if you want a basic invoice and don’t need a repeatable process.

how to send an invoice as a freelancer

Collecting 30%-50% of project total fees before kicking things off builds client “skin in the game” and commitment to your partnership. Gently ask when they expect remitting owed payment for planning purposes. At the bottom of the itemization section, sum up totals from all line items included on the invoice to provide one final total amount owed. Wherever relevant, incorporate the specific rates or unit fees on individual line items so the client can validate accurate math and totals.

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Besides getting clients, figuring out how to invoice as a freelancer is probably one of the most challenging parts of starting work as a freelancer. While the task itself is relatively easy, it can be intimidating to send a document requesting money… especially for the first few times. Most freelancers send the invoice after how to invoice as a freelancer they’ve completed the work — I only do this if I know the client I’m working with well. Instead, I recommend sending half the invoice BEFORE and half afterwards. I see this as being the most fair option because everyone has equal risk. However, there are some freelancers who manage to secure the whole fee beforehand.

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